24 January 2020: CARS and TPEF overlay of murine coccygeal vertebra section.

10 June 2019: Easy tuning of a broadband laser! Congratulations to Alejandro De La Cadena for this nice result! Here we show the tunability of the broadband optical parametric amplifier output.

18 September 2018: First measurements on imaging mesenchymal stem cells differentiated towards adipocyte in nichoids using our CARS microscope. a) SEM images of a single element of the 3D Nichoid scaffold; b) Phase contrast image 10x of fixed mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) differentiated towards adipocyte phenotype (II weeks) stained with Oil Red-O – Hematoxylin, in evidence red lipid droplets and black nuclei both inside and outside the Nichoid culture substrate; c) 3D lipid droplets rendering of a CARS Z-Stack image of live MSCs differentiated into adipocytes, grown inside the Nichoid, 2845 cm-1, field of view 100 μm2, 1000 μs, 200×200 pixel; d) zoom of a section of the CARS rendered image, in evidence the absence of Nichoid signal.

18 January 2018: “Frontiers in Broadband SRS Spectroscopy and Microscopy” in Lecco.

6 November 2017: Our PhD student Andrea Ragni won the third prize of the “Innovation Design Contest 2017” for university students who developed innovative electronics projects during their thesis. His project was a multi-channel lock-in amplifier for the VIBRA project. Congratulations! See further details on

15-17 July 2017: Visit at the “Diamond Light Source” syncrotron at the group of Prof. G. Siligardi

July 11th, 2017: New SRS images on pollen (100×100 um):

July 6th, 2017: New paper published in Spectrochimica Acta A, entitled: “Multimodal nonlinear microscope based on a compact fiber-format laser source”. See: You can download it for free at this link until August 30:

June 21st, 2017: Here are a couple of pictures of our new OPO for coherent Raman microscopy! Thanks to Nicola Coluccelli!

May 22th, 2017: First images on tumour cells (using CARS in this case and chemometric analysis)

April 20th, 2017: New paper published entitled “Excitation-emission Fourier-transform spectroscopy based on a birefringent interferometer” on Optics Express, see:

January 22nd, 2017: New balanced-detection SRS scheme demonstrated! Have a look:

January 22nd, 2016: Nice images from our new multi-modal microscope of Elodea leaves. You can distinguish the cells, the cell walls, the chloroplasts… On the left we plot the linear transmission image, on the right an overlap of two-photon-excited fluorescence (green) and SRS (red).

December 22nd, 2016: A patent has been submitted on the “CHIMERA” project. Stay tuned for further details soon…

December 16th, 2016: We’re on the news!

December 16th, 2016: our project “CHIMERA” has been selected as finalist in the “Research Ideas for the Market” competition at the 2016 conference (see

November 17th, 2016: paper published! It’s a review of our recent work on linear and non-linear (including SRS) spectroscopy using a Rourier-transform approach based on a birefringent interferometer. See:

September 6th, 2016: paper published! Broadband SRS using Photonic Time Stretching! Have a look at

July 22nd, 2016: first CARS four-dimensional images (x, y, z and Raman shift) of PS/PMMA beads! (150-us pixel dwell time)

lambdascan zscan

July 1st, 2016: first (linear transmission) image of polymer beads with galvo scanning.BEADS

May 25th, 2016: paper accepted in Optics Letters on broadband pump-probe spectroscopy at 20-MHz modulation frequency using a Fourier-Transform approach! Here you can find it:

April 26th, 2016: invited talk announced at the.Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (FTS) conference, part of the OSA Light, Energy and the Environment Congress (14 – 17 November 2016, Leipzig, Germany). See:

April 11th, 2016: practicing with galvo mirrors…


April 8th, 2016: first multiplex SRS spectra using a tunable source:

multiplex SRS

February 19th, 2016: first spectra of circular dichroism and optical rotatory dispersion! Sample: Ni-(-)-(tartrate)2

L-R form comparison

December 1st, 2015: the blog of the International year of light tells our story.

September 29th, 2015. First pump-probe map obtained on a graphene sample!Pump-probe

September 9th, 2015. Paper accepted in Optics Express on Fourier-Transform SRS! Have a look at

May 5th, 2015. Adding chemometrics: new dimensions!


April 10th, 2015. Started producing videos, cool! This is a mixture of PMMA beads, 6um diameter, and PS beads, 3um diameter.

March 20th, 2015. First image with broadband SRS! PMMA beads, 6um diameter.